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November 2020

What is Experiential Marketing?

Who is An Independent Contractor in California?

Introducing Wrapbook's New Digital Startwork Solution

October 2020

Producer's Guide: Chicago Film Permits

Why You Should Join the American Photographers Assocation (APA)

Production Accountants: The 21 Most Asked Questions

How to Calculate Blended Overtime for Dual Pay Rates

September 2020

Producer's Guide: Film Distributors

What is Film Production Management?

The 5 Best Photo Studios in NYC

Everything You Need To Know About Film Aggregators

Wrapbook Announces $3.6M in Funding

August 2020

August 2020 Product Updates

The 50 Best Filmmaking Subreddits of 2020

What Producers Should Look For in COVID-19 Safety Officers

The 7 Best Photo Studios in Los Angeles

Focusing on ShareGrid’s Full Frame Lens Test

Producer's Guide: NYC Film Permits

July 2020

Essential Guide: Talent Agencies

The Last Film Crew List Template You'll Ever Need

10 Best Filmmaking Podcasts of 2020

Film Production Agreements: The Essential Guide

June 2020

Entertainment Lawyers: The 20 Most Asked Questions

Restarting Film Production: COVID-19 Guidelines By State

5 Keys to Finding the Perfect Photo Studio Rental

The 10 Best Stock Video Sites of 2020

May 2020

Producers Guild Membership: How to Join

How to Fill Out the AICP Bid Form

Essential Guide: NY Film Tax Credits

Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees: Learning the Differences

Essential Guide: Post Production Workflow

April 2020

What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

Producer's Guide: Los Angeles Film Permits

Producer's Guide: Certificates of Insurance in Film

March 2020

How to File for Unemployment in Every State

Adjusting for the Coronavirus: An Update from Wrapbook

COVID-19: What to Do When Your Production Is Cancelled

Producer's Guide: Child Actor Laws

5 Things To Do With Wrap Reports

February 2020

The Essential Guide to Kit Fees

The Most Rented ShareGrid Equipment of 2019

January 2020

The 8 Best Film Insurance Companies of 2020

The 8 Best Entertainment Payroll Services of 2020

The Essential Guide to SAG-AFTRA Rates 2020

Is Your Business AB5 Ready? The Essential Guide

December 2019

December Product Updates

Producer's Guide: DICE Insurance Policy

November 2019

Essential Guide: California Film Tax Credits

November Product Updates

6 Model Release Forms Every Producer Needs (FREE Templates)

How AB 5 Will Affect the Entertainment Industry

October 2019

8 Best Casting Websites for Working Actors

Employee or Contractor? The Complete List of Worker Classification Tests By State

October Product Updates

How to Set Up a Loan-Out Company

September 2019

Essential Guide to the DGA Rate Card 2020

The 6 Best Film Budgeting Software of 2020

What is Film Equipment Insurance (and Why You Need It)

Models Can Now Be Paid After Their Last Day On Set In California

The Complete Guide to the SAG-AFTRA Taft Hartley Form

A Producer's Guide to Coogan Law

August 2019

August Product Updates

Everything You Need to Know About SAG Studio Zones

The Complete List of Overtime Laws by State

July 2019

Andrew Colón Joins Wrapbook As An Advisor

How To Fill Out the SAG Exhibit G Form

July Product Updates

The Producer's Guide to SAG Payroll Companies

The Best Filmmaking Software & Tools of 2020

June 2019

The Essential Guide to Film Production Insurance

May 2019

How to Budget SAG-AFTRA Payroll

Introducing Wrapbook

April 2019

How to Start A Production Company

30 Ways to Brainstorm Production Company Names

January 2019

Meet TakeOne - Pay Your Crew Digitally In 2019!